N.H.P. Laboratories

N.H.P. Laboratories Inc. was established in 2004 to support the natural health product manufacturer New Roots Herbal in a view to provide their valuable customers with standardized products of the highest quality. It is one of the most advanced laboratories in Canada specialized in natural health products whose activities encompasses analyzing vitamins, amino acids, minerals, vegetable and exotic oils, medicinal mushrooms, probiotics, botanicals, etc.

N.H.P. Laboratories team members have strong backgrounds in procedural development of laboratory quality-management systems, and are proficient in qualitative and quantitative testing of raw materials and finished products. Our staff’s research has been published in several peer-reviewed journals, and they maintain their knowledge at the leading edge by regularly attending seminars and training conferences.


N.H.P. Laboratories Inc. aims at becoming a Canada-wide leading laboratory for analytical testing and providing reference materials for the natural health products industry.


To provide consistent, high-quality analytical services and reference standards in all aspects of natural health products, thereby supporting companies to meet Health Canada, EMA, and FDA requirements.